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Current Inventory Catalog!

You can now check my current aluminum print inventory along with a number of popular gift items such as puzzles,  note pads, tins, dry erase boards and more.  Check it out here!


8 Weeks of Saving!

I'm offering 8 full weeks of holiday savings beginning Oct 29th through Dec 23rd! Lots of ways to save on prints and gift items!


Find me at these upcoming venues/events!

• October 6th  |  High Altitude Fall Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY

• Oct 27th, 2-6pm  |  High Altitude Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY

• Nov 3rd, 5-8pm  |  Rendezvous Pointe Holiday and Craft Fair  |  Pinedale, WY

• Nov 4th, 9am-2pm  |  Rendezvous Pointe Holiday and Craft Fair  |  Pinedale, WY

• Nov 17th, 2-6pm  |  High Altitude Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY

• Nov 18th, 10am-3pm |  Big Piney's Christmas Bazaar  |  Big Piney, WY

• Dec 2nd, 2-6pm  |  High Altitude Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY

• Dec 8th, 2-6pm  |  High Altitude Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY

• Dec 15th, 2-6pm  |  High Altitude Market  |  Sublette Co. Library | Pinedale, WY


I've joined Art of the Winds!

I've recently joined a fabulous artist cooperative where you can now find a number of my works  from larger aluminum prints to smaller traditional pigment prints along with my greeting card sets. If you find yourself in Pinedale in the near future, I highly recommend a visit! The cooperative is managed and operated by the artists themselves and is stocked with pottery, paintings, jewelry, furniture and more! It's located at 128 West Pine St, Pinedale WY, right on main street. Open Tuesday - Saturday, from 11am - 5pm.


It's finally that time of year - it's show time!

Find me at these upcoming events during 2021 and say hi!

  • Green River Rendezvous  |  Pinedale, WY  |  July 8-11

  • Wind River Mountain Festival  |  Pinedale, WY  |  July 16-17

  • Art Fair Jackson Hole  |  Jackson, WY  |  July 23-25

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Brighter days ahead!

I miss receptions. I miss art fairs. I miss seeing people face-to-face. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel! As Covid numbers continue to decline and vaccination numbers rise, I can't express how much I look forward to upcoming days. Once again, I'm looking into art fairs and other venues to showcase my work. As I plan out the summer / fall of 2021, I will be putting out announcements here, so keep checking back and if you are not already signed up to receive my newsletters you can do so here!


Fallen from the Aspen  |  Sublette Co. Library, Pinedale WY  |  September, 2020

A look back on the collection over the year

Despite the recent pandemic, images from the collection, Fallen from the Aspen will be on display at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale during the month of September. Images span through multiple editions including some from the recently released 2019 edition. Unfortunately there will be no reception, but the 22 piece showing can be viewed during open hours. Please be respectful of mask and social distancing precautions.


Motions 10 • Fallen, Revisited  |  Dual Exhibit  |  Sublette Co. Library, Pinedale WY  |  Sep, 2019

September 2019 will mark a decade of Motions images!

To celebrate, a special dual exhibit will take place at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale that month. Motions images will be on display showcasing a 10 year journey of capturing landscapes with movement. Plus, new images from the 2018 edition of the Fallen from the Aspen collection will also be on exhibit.

Reception is set to take place September 14th, from 3 - 8 pm - this won't be an ordinary art reception!

Hors d'oeuvres • Beer & Wine • Give-a-ways • and More!


Animal Shelter  |  Invitational Exhibit  |  Mystery Print Gallery  |  Nov 1 - Dec 29, 2018

Mystery Print Gallery in Pinedale is hosting a special invitational exhibit to include work from 18 artists who primarily produce contemporary work and most of whom em reside in Wyoming. The invite was to produce work with the theme, animal shelter, asking them to explore the concept of how animals protect themselves. Delsa choice to work with some of her recent images of aspen leaves to create a double sided installation, one that requires viewers to interact with the piece in order to see the component of shelter. Titled, Path to Pupation, the work shows an intricate trail created by an aspen leaf miner as it makes its way to location on the leaf that would act as a shelter site for transformation to its next phase of life. Find out more about the exhibit through Studio Wyoming Review, The Art of Survival, by Sue Sommers.


Now Offering My Knowledge!

Do you want to learn more about your camera, or know someone who does? And, not just learn about all that your camera can do, but truly understand all of the things it can do?

A different approach  |  Not only do I provide a foundation of understanding for all those settings on your DLSR camera through my basic photo course, but I provide the opportunity for attendees to retain new-found knowledge and continue enhancing their camera skills through monthly workshops.

For more information see the Photo Courses & Workshop page.


Motions  |  Exploring Shadows, Highlights & Colors of a Landscape with Motion

Image Catalog  |  2009-2016

An all-encompassing catalog is now available for Motions images through 2016! Along with the release of the catalog, the Ultimate Collector's Edition (UCE) is also being released. The small selection of UCE images will be available as large aluminum prints with a limited edition of just one. That's right, only one will be sold of each image! Print sizes are 50x75, 36x90 or 56x56 inches, depending on the image orientation and crop.  Click on any of the sample pages below to view the full catalog!


ren•dez•vous  |  A Juried Exhibit of Wyoming Artists

Mystery Print Gallery reception date: June 7, 5-8 pm  |  Clay Paper Scissors Gallery: Starting July 21

For the second year now, two galleries: Mystery Print Gallery in Pinedale and Clay Paper Scissors Gallery in Cheyenne, are hosting an exhibit showcasing Wyoming artists. The exhibit is split between the two galleries with each group being showcased at both locations for over a month at each gallery. Two images by Delsa were chose for this year's exhibit!


Current Exhibit Location: Pine Coffee Supply, Pinedale, WY  |  April-June 2018

Reception Date: May 3, 4-8pm

Pine Coffee Supply and Reflections of the Winds will be hosting an artist reception and coffee tasting in conjunction with the Smithsonian exhibit, The Way We Worked, Pinedale Artwalk. A selection of prints and matted prints will also be for sale this evening only, so be sure to add this event to your calendar! Enjoy an adult beverage, coffee and hors 'd oeuvres while checking out some great art work!
Images being showcased by Delsa include those from the "Motions" and "Fallen from the Aspen" collections along with a stunning mountain alpenglow landscape to round off the showing.Pine Coffee's very own barista, Cody Hamilton, has a few great images on display as well!


Fallen from the Aspen prints now available online!

A new offering and a new addition to the online store! Previously, just traditional pigment prints have been offered from the 16 image collection. Now larger aluminum prints are also available, but at very low limited edition quantities.

Start shopping here!


Prints and gift items can now be purchased online!

A number of Reflections of the Winds images can now can be ordered online, with more continually being added. A variety of sizes and types of prints are available to fit any budget, many of which are limited editons. Along with the large number of print options, images are also offered as gift items such as greeting cards, cutting boards, dry erase boards and more!

Start shopping here!

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