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About the Artist & Reflections of the Winds

When Delsa founded her photography business shortly after college, she knew she wanted her work to stand out. She chose a name for her business that would hold varied meaning throughout her photography carrier. Growing up in Western Wyoming with the Wind River Mountains as a background, there was an ample amount of inspiration for the name, both literally and metaphorically.  Her business, Reflections of the Winds, has lead Delsa to a deeper connection to nature, one that she strives to share with others every day.

Delsa taking a photograph

Besides the countless images she has captured, depicting views of nature that are considered tradition landscape photography, Delsa has recently been gaining a reputation for producing stunning contemporary images of everyday landscapes, re-defining what landscape photography can be.

One project, in particular, that has become an integral aspect in Delsa’s work is “Motions,” a collection comprised of images that explore landscapes with slower shutter speeds and movement of the camera leaving a new and refreshing view to be shared with others.

Delsa has been photographing landscapes and hidden views of nature in western Wyoming as long as she can remember, always finding new and refreshing ways of sharing her experience with nature through her images. She finds herself drawn to views of nature that can be missed by the average eye.

Besides Motions, another notable project, “Fallen From the Aspens” involved photographing hundreds of aspen leaves and leaf groupings in the fall of 2011 that led to a 16 - piece collection of limited edition prints. The images also inspired as an installation piece, “Fallen,” which comprised of 28 enlarged leaves suspended from the ceiling. In 2016, “Two Leaves” was chosen by a public arts program for an 8’x8’ mural in Pinedale, Wyoming. In 2018, she revisited the project with a camera and set-up capable of capturing more detail and retaining that detail through the enlarging process (as big as 96"x48"). A 2019 and 2020 edition has been added to the collection and the 2021 edition is currently being created.

Delsa has showcased her work through regional galleries and exhibits as well as regional street fairs. Her work has also been included in juried exhibits, regionally and nationally.

In 2017, she added an on-line store to the Reflections of the Winds website providing accessibility to purchase her work throughout the United States.

View her current resume to see the extensive list of exhibits!

Delsa with public art installation
Delsa in the mountains
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