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Photo Courses & Workshops

A different approach
So you want to learn more about your camera? And not just learn about all that your camera can do, but truly understand all of the things it can do? Not only will I provide a foundation of understanding for all those settings on your camera through my basic photo course, but I will provide the opportunity for you to retain your new-found knowledge and continue enhancing your camera skills through monthly workshops.

Let's face it, if we don't practice a newly learned skill, we will likely forget it. This is where my approach differs from other photo courses! Along with my Camera Basics course, below, I'm offering monthly workshops that will provide the opportunity to practice your skills. Only attendees of my Camera Basics course will be allowed to participate in the monthly workshops.


Photo Courses

Camera Basics, Understanding Exposure
Understanding camera operations and exposure to achieve better photographs.

The course focuses on camera fundamentals and explores the components of a proper exposure. Each attendee will receive a workbook that can also be used for quick reference will out shooting. Course will consist of indoor instruction and, if time / weather permit, some outside session time will also take place. Lunch is also provided! For more information, view the available course below.

Course attendees should have a digital SLR camera (one that excepts interchangeable lenses) or be aspiring to purchase one.

Monthly Workshops

These monthly get-togethers are for anyone that has previously taken the Camera Basics workshop.

Think of the monthly workshops as mini sessions (1 to 2 hours) that provide the opportunity to practice your newly learned camera knowledge with confidence.  Along with a refresher of what was learned during the Camera Basics Course, additional topics will be explored as it fits the needs of attendees. Possible workshops topics include outside and inside settings such as photography with lots of snow, indoor sports, better photos of family, getting better wildlife photos, and more! The monthly outings will be scheduled at least two months in advanced.

Currently courses are being held in Pinedale, Wyoming and workshops are planned for Pinedale and the surrounding area. Locations may expand regionally depending on intrest.