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Exploring Shadows, Highlights & Colors of a Landscape with Movement

"The Motions collection has become a beloved body of work that set my photography experience free in 2009, beginning as a bold idea to capture a new view of the landscapes I had been photographing for decades. I was starving for a fresh way to create images and began to experiment with slower shutter speeds, manipulating time and movement together. The Motions journey has led me to a refreshing way of experiencing life and becoming submersed in nature’s hidden beauty, and ultimately a new way to share those experiences with others."

The technique is all done in camera with no digital manipulation other than slight tonal adjustments if needed to reflect what nature was originally showcasing. Varied camera movements with slower shutter speeds captures more than just a tradition view, but one that shows a deeper incite to a scene. The hand-held movements of the camera are loose and free flowing but usually deliberate in directions to create desired effects. The technique can help emphasizes aspects of a landscape that might otherwise be missed with the details of traditional photography, such as highlights or colors that draw Delsa to a scene.

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