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Fallen from the Aspen

Individually Beautiful, Mini Canvases of Nature

Each leaf is unique, some with perfect stereotyped appearances and some blemished from insects and infections, yet, all individually beautiful. For a short time each year these mini canvases of nature are on display we just have to look a little closer to find them. The images within the series depict leaves and leaf groupings that have recently fallen to the ground,  Fallen from the Aspen.

To purchase Fine Art Prints from the collection visit the Fallen from the Aspen purchase page.


2021 - Being Debuted Now!

Images from the newest edition are currently being released in small batches.  This edition is full of amazing close-up detail! Just like the 2020 edition, images are compiled from stacked and stitched images, some of which are bigger than ever before!

See the latest images here!

Behind the scenes, photographing one of many leaves that will be part of the 2021 edition.

2020 - Focus stacking plus stitching!

This edition is the most diverse to date and includes images of more than just aspen leaves, but also other found surprises among the aspens. A number of images from this edition are comprised of not just focus-stacked images, but sets of focus-stacked images stitched together to create a final image yielding amazing detail, even at very large print sizes.


2019 - Focus stacking!

A technique called focus stacking was used for this edition of images allowing uneven leaves to be photographed with complete sharpness. The technique combines multiple images (some over 100) taken at different focal points, for a final image where the entire leaf is in focus. Prior to using this technique, leaves had to be pressed (for just a short time) then photographed quickly before they popped back into their original shape.

2018 - A new camera, new images

The 2011 project was revisited during the fall of 2018, armed with a new camera capable of capturing greater detail.

View the 2018 image catalog here!

2011 - The project originates!

The 2011 project yielded over 15 images that were available as limited editions in five sizes, three as pigment prints and two as aluminum prints. Some prints are still available for purchase from this edition.

How many will be produced,  what sizes and types of prints

Prints from the collection are being offered in very limited quantity editions! What does that mean exactly? Well, here’s a visual! I will not sell any more than what is shown in these diagrams for the sizes where LE is indicated - ever! The only size being offered as an open edition (I’m not limiting the number sold) is the smallest size, produced both as aluminum prints and traditional pigment prints.
Images are available in six different sizes and in two different types. All are high quality, archival options to ensure your art work won't fade before your love of them does!

To purchase Fine Art Prints from the collection visit the Fallen from the Aspen purchase page.

Falling  •  2016  •  Six artist exhibit, Vignettes  •  Mystery Print Gallery & Frame

The 28 piece installation comprised of enlarged aspen leaves suspended from the ceiling. The piece steams from a seriers of photographs, "Fallen from the Aspen," which are photographs of leaves and leaf grouping that had recently fallen to the ground. The leaves were given one more trip from tree top down to their final resting place frozen in the act of falling.

Two Leaves  •  2016  •  In|Site:Ex|Site Public Art Program  •  Pinedale, Wyoming

In the fall of 2016, Two Leaves was chosen by the the In|Site:Ex|Site public arts committee for a 8'x8' mural in Pinedale, Wyoming, visible as Highway 191 enters the town from the West.


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