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Photography by Jaden Allen


At just 11 years old,  Jaden is well on his way to becoming a skilled nature photographer! After years of watching and learning from his mother, Delsa Allen, he started capturing images from one of her older DSLR cameras during the summer of 2023. He was given a short lesson regarding what ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings are, how they work and relate. Then, after another brief lesson on how to change these settings on his camera, he was let loose. Without further guidance, he quickly began to produce professional-level images! These are his favorite images from this year that he is offering as prints.


Images shown below are available to order as high quality paper prints (professionally printed by his mother, Delsa) or as aluminum prints. 

Please allow 4-7 days for paper prints to be produced and 2-3 weeks for aluminum prints to be completed.

This is a hidden page that is part of Delsa's website, Reflections of the Winds. When placing an order for one or more of Jaden's images, prints will not be shipped but will be delivered to you by Jaden himself to locations in and around Pinedale and Boulder. Please indicate specific delivery details as needed.

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