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Thank you for your interest in renting one or more aluminum prints for your business!


Images currently being offered for rent are printed on panels of aluminum with a hidden mount for hanging, offering a stunning finished image that slightly floats away from the wall when on display. With no matting or framing, the image really pops and will sure to be noticed! They are great for areas that would pose a concern for other types of artwork, such as areas with higher humidity. But, please do not hang them in direct sunlight! If you have questions about whether or not your particular space is a good fit for an aluminum print, don’t hesitate to reach out - I would be happy to come take a look and discuss hanging options. You can contact me by email at with any questions you might have!

Once I receive your application (below), I will be in touch within a week's time to further discuss options.

Some businesses may not be accepted to participate in the rental program. 

Submitted successfully! Thanks again for your interest!

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