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Exploring Shadows, Highlights & Colors of a Landscape with Movement

"The Motions collection has become a beloved body of work that set my photography experience free in 2009, beginning as a bold idea to capture a new view of the landscapes I had been photographing for decades. I was starving for a fresh way to create images and began to experiment with slower shutter speeds, manipulating time and movement together. The Motions journey has led me to a refreshing way of experiencing life and becoming submersed in nature’s hidden beauty, and ultimately a new way to share those experiences with others."

The technique is all done in camera with no digital manipulation other than slight tonal adjustments if needed to reflect what nature was originally showcasing. Varied camera movements with slower shutter speeds captures more than just a tradition view, but one that shows a deeper incite to a scene. The hand-held movements of the camera are loose and free flowing but usually deliberate in directions to create desired effects. The technique can help emphasizes aspects of a landscape that might otherwise be missed with the details of traditional photography, such as highlights or colors that draw Delsa to a scene.

Project Announcement: Motions 10

I have aspirations to create a graciously sized coffee table book (11"x14") this year showcasing Motions images from the past decad. But, I need some help. In order to afford printing a minimum of 50 of these beauties, I need to raise at least $5,500 through Kickstarter. If the funds are not raised by the end of March however, the project is a no-go.

As a thank you, I'm offering a number of pledge packages with reward items ranging from greeting card sets all the way up to larger limited edition aluminum fine art prints! A number of the pledge packages also include a signed and numbered Motions 10 book once it's printed.

Remember, the fundraising campaign ends March 31st, so be sure to check out the project during the month!

Check it out here

To view more from the collection from 2009-2016, see series catalogs below.

To purchase Fine Art Prints from the collection, including Motions images captured after 2016, visit the Motions print purchase page.

All of the Motions images from 2009 through 2016 currently available are found within the following six series catalogs.

Arising - the collection showcases the first few years of Delsa’s emerging Motions with images that are diverse in subject and technique.
Along the Dirt Road - images within the series were captured during a late summer day in 2012 from a dusty dirt road that wound through groves of aspens and lodgepole pines.
Changing of the Seasons - images were captured in 2015 just as the colors of fall had emerged and the sun’s lower position in the sky provided a soft glow of light on the landscape.
A Winter’s Hillside - images were captured in 2015 with the late afternoon light and a long shadow casted on a hillside coated with winter’s first snow.
Spring Snow Gone by Afternoon - images were captured after a spring storm in 2016 which had left higher elevations with a blanket of snow that was soon to melt by the warmth to come that afternoon.
Tour of Fall - images were captured during a few outings within Sublette County, Wyoming during 2016’s fall glow, encompassing landscapes of pine groves, aspen-filled hillsides and the cobbles smoothed by the flow of the headwaters of  Green River.

Motions images are available in four different sizes (depending on the crop) and in two different types. The larger of the size options are printed on panels of aluminum with a hidden mount for hanging, offering a stunning finished image that slightly floats away from the wall when on display. The next two sizes are printed using archival pigment inks to produce a traditional print. Three of the sizes are offered in limited editions, indicated under each image within the catalog in parenthesis: Aluminum Prints: 24”x60” (LE of 2) or 16”x40” (LE of 5); Pigment Ink Prints: 8”x20” (LE of 10) or 4”x10” (OE)  - only two of the largest size for each image will be printed! The smallest size is offered as open edition prints meaning there will be no limit to the number being produced and sold. All prints are signed by the artist; those that are offered as limited editions come with Certificates of Authenticity also signed by the artist.


New Motions Catalog  |  Exploring Shadows, Highlights & Colors of a Landscape with Motion

An all-encompassing catalog is now available for Motions images (2009-2016). Along with the release of the catalog, the Ultimate Collector's Edition (UCE) is also being released. The small selection of UCE images will be available as large aluminum prints with a limited edition of just one. That's right, only one will be sold of each image! Print sizes are 48x72, 36x90 or 48x48 inches, depending on the image orientation and crop.  Click on any of the sample pages below to view the full catalog!

Images from the newly released Motions collection offer any home or office space a stunning look unlike most artwork on the market today, especially fine art photography. The larger of the size options are printed on panels of aluminum with a hidden mount for hanging, offering a stunning finished image that slightly floats away from the wall when on display.  Prints (both larger aluminum and smaller traditional prints) are being reproduced in very small quantities, making them ideal pieces for any collector!

A number of prints from the Motions collection are now available for online purchase! Start shopping here!

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