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These premium quality rectangular-shaped puzzles feature images from the Natural Landscapes collection with five images to choose from. They are 756 pieces with a finished size of 16"x30"

Quantities will be limited - these puzzles are produced in smaller batches with reproduction quality a top priority!


Image options (indicate image letter(s) only)

• A, Flowers with a View

• B, High Mountain Serenity (Sold Out!)

• C, Dirt Road Fall (only five left)

• D, Alpenglow with a View

• E, Complementary Combo


Purchase more than one and save:

Two puzzles for less than $38 each

Three puzzles for less than $36 each

Four puzzles for less than $34 each

Five puzzles for $33 each


Pinedale area delivery (shipping not included): use coupon code “PinedaleArea15” for a 15% discount.

Rectangular Puzzles, 756 piece - premium quality!

  • Item is usually shipped within two business days through USPS. Please contact me if you have special shipping needs.

  • First select the total number of puzzles you would like to order. Then choose your puzzle options. You can choose any combination, mixed or all the same. Leave the quanity as 1 regardless of the total number of puzzles you are choosing. 


     Number of Puzzles : 4

         Puzzle Image Options: 2 of B, 1 of C, 1 of D

     Number of Puzzles : 3

         Puzzle Image Options: A, C, D

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