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This image is currently available in six different sizes and in two different types.


Most print sizes are being offered on panels of aluminum with a hidden mount for hanging, offering a stunning finished image that slightly floats away from the wall when on display. These are ready to hang with no additional framing costs required.


Three print sizes are offered as pigment prints, produced using archival pigment inks and paper to produce a traditional looking print.


Six options are offered in limited editions (LE). All prints are signed by the artist; those that are offered as limited editions come with Certificates of Authenticity also signed by the artist.


Prices listed do not include shipping costs. For shipping costs, contact Delsa at 


When an order is made, Delsa will contact you to arrange for a delivery or pick-up location and date.


Current sizes / options:

• 5"x10" pigment print, open edition (OE)

• 10"x20" pigment print, LE of 10

• 15"x30" pigment print, LE of 5

• 5"x10" aluminim print, OE

• 10"x20" aluminum print, OE

• 15"x30" aluminum print, LE of 5

• 20"x40" aluminum print, LE of 5

• 30"x60" aluminum print, LE of 2

• 45"x90" aluminum print, LE of 2


Light Dance in the Sky, 2203-1117

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