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This item is currently in pre-order phase. They will be ready for delivery (Pinedale area) or shipping on or before October 1st. 


These premium quality circular-shaped puzzles feature images from the Looking Up collection with four images to choose from. They are 350-piece puzzles, 18” in diameter. 

Quantities will be limited - these puzzles are produced in smaller batches with reproduction quality a top priority!


Image options (indicate image letter(s) only)

• A, Spring Sky View

• B, Within the Aspens

• C, Aspens of the Fall

• D, Winter’s Frosting II


Purchase more than one and save:

Two puzzles for less than $35 each

Three puzzles for less than $33 each

Four puzzles for less than $31 each


Pinedale area delivery (shipping not included): use coupon code “PinedaleArea15” for a 15% discount.

Circular Puzzles, 350 piece - premium quality!