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Thank you for your interest in receiving professional images of your kid (or other family member) doing the awesome things they do!


Photography done by Delsa Allen who has decades of trusted experience. Hourly rates include fully corrected, print-ready digital files delivered to you on a USB drive. You will also receive copies of the images sized down for online sharing. Professional printing services are also available!

Standard Event Rate     

$125 for the first hour / $100 for each additional hour

This rate is for a typical sporting / program event and is charged based on the time of event coverage with a one hour minimim. Examples of events that this rate would apply towards would be (but not limited to) basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, plays and holiday programs. Typically, expect to receive 15-20 final images per hour with this rate. If the number of final images received is less than 8 per hour, a refund of $50/per hour of coverage will be provided. 


Low Opportunity Rate

$75 for the first hour / $50 for each additional hour

This rate is for events where the opportunity to capture images is low, such as wrestling or other quick-timed events, and is charged with a one hour minimum. Typically, expect to receive 2-8 final images per hour with this rate. 



$2 per mile traveled

For events outside of Pinedale this rate will be applied in addition to the event coverage rate. If multiple clients are booked for the same event, this travel rate will be divided equally among those clients.

Not all requests will be accepted. Some events will be limited to a certain number of clients. Payment is expected in full prior to the event. Final images will be delivered within 2-weeks of event. After filling out the online form, Delsa will contact you either by phone or email within 3-5 days to let you know if the requested event can be covered and arrange for payment if request is approved. Payment options include PayPal, Venmo and online invoice payment via Square (pay with credit/debt card).

Submitted successfully! Thanks again for your interest!

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